Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Use Backpage To Market Online

How To Use Backpage To Market Online

So may ways to market... paid ways, free ways or maybe a combination of both.  If you are just starting out maybe you could use Backpage to market online.  It's free, and doesn't take too much technical know how.
There are some important things to consider when choosing to use Backpage to market online.

Sometimes when you are using sites like BP and Craigslist to market online you can get flagged or "ghosted".
It doesn't take a whole lot to make this happen.  Craigslist is by far the worst when it comes to this.  Bend a few rules and the time it took you to put up those ads could be wasted.

When you use Backpage to market online you might start to ask yourself    "what's my time worth?" 

This information is not intended to sell someones Backpage posting software.  The information you get below will assist you when you choose to do it on your own.  After you do this for a while manually, you may choose to do better things with your time and just go ahead and spend the money and make it an automated process.  Just know that if you choose to use posting software you still have to write headlines and body copy if you use Backpage to advertise online with posting software.  So, if you choose to do so go check out a software created by Frank Jones here...

Now if you choose to do it yourself, as of this writing there is a proven, time saving technique that WILL keep your ads up when you use Backpage to market online.  This is valuable, time saving information.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the TIME to post yourself, take notes...this is working right now.  

There is a little learning curve below but well worth it And it's totally FREE

  1. Get Roboform (there is a free or a paid version that's downloaded added to your toolbar) Also, there is an online function called Roboform Everywhere.  This program saves your user names and passwords and automatically pulls up your sites and logs you in automatically with one click.  This is an invaluable time saving tool.
  2. Learn how to create and customize an "identity" within Roboform for filling in backpage ad sites.  Here you will create custome fields for your "title", "description", and "location" fields.  After you do this and save it within Roboform, once you get to the screen where you have to type in your ad information into the fields all you have to do is click your Backpage identity button and it fills it in for you.  Note:  Every ad that you do must have unique wording in the title.
  3. BP accounts.  Create 9 of them, each will have it's unique email address that you can log into.
  4. Learn how to create a click-able picture here
  5. Select a picture you would like to use and make 45 copies of it somewhere on your computer.  Here's a tip:  Create a new empty file and name it today's date then put your picture in it.  Click on it and copy.  TIP: "ctrl" then "v" 44 times and you have 45 copies of it in that folder now...try it.
  6. Open an account with
  7. Create a new album in photobucket with the same name as the new folder that has the pictures you just copied and upload all those into your new photobucket album
  8. Log into one of your BP accounts.  choose a city.  Find your category and select 'post ad'.  Now you should see a list of maybe three to 15 or so citys listed.  Right click on one of the cities and choose "open a new tab".  
  9. Do it this way for five cities and one at a time with the help of Roboform.  Input all your title, description, and location information.  for each individual ad that you do grab one of the direct html codes from you photobucket album you made and put it in your ad body description as a clickable picture that will go to the website you want your visitor to end up at.  This will make each ad truely unique but they would look exactly the same if someone were to open your ad online.
  10. Do five cities like this.  Then, clear your browsing history, log out of your BP account, log into a different BP account and do the next 5 until you have posted in 45 cities for the day.

When you use Backpage to market online this way, after 45 days you will have 2500 ads that can be re posted. You will get an email to each of your nine accounts telling you it's time to repost.  To streamline it even more have all those emails forwarded to just one for this purpose.  With one click of your mouse it's moved up to the #1 spot again and all your doing every day now is moving up ads that you posted 45 days ago.

There is a system that teaches these strategies and so much more.  This system teaches FREE online marketing methods to drive people to try things for free and then you get paid for sending them there just to try for free.  Fortune 500's are paying regular Joe's millions just to have people take a look.  Click on the picture of the girl at the computer and check it out.

use backpage to market online

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Build A Motorized Bicycle

How to Build a Gas Powered Bicycle at home!  Here is how I built my first weed eater bike.

First, I used an old 18" wheel kids bike (shown below) for the foundation.

The throttle was set up using a length of brake cable and hand leaver from an old Schwinn bike and about a 9" length of cable from the weed eater motor that attached to the throttle butterfly valve.  These cables are connected by a clamp.  The cable section that goes up to the handle bar lever is fixed in place to the frame ( as shown) so it won't move when you actuate the throttle handle.

 I mounted a 25 cc weed eater motor using a piece of angle iron and a piece of carpet metal.  The motor is rigidly mounted to bike frame with no turn buckles for tension.  Basically it's the tire pressure that determines the friction force between tire and drive spindle.  The drive spindle is just a bike peg I took of my kids bike and it screwed on directly to the weed eater trimmer motors crankshaft.  There is a length of grounding wire and a spring attached to the throttle butterfly valve to assist in closing the throttle when lever is released.   Hopes this helps with how to build your own motorized bike!

Go here to see pictures of the project. Leave your comments and questions.